Creation of skid-mounted package plants

Turnkey supply of package plants

Thanks to our design and engineering department, as well as the synergies existing between the different companies within the M2E group, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of skid-mounted and generic package plants for the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Energy sectors.

“Turnkey supply” of package plants is M2E Automation strength. We manage the entire implementation cycle of installations, from design to commissioning, offering complete solutions. Our experience extends, therefore, both generic installations and those pre-assembled on skids, guaranteeing the maximum versatility to meet the specific needs of the application sectors.

Complete management of project-application phases

We take care of all the implementation phases in-house:

  • elaboration of design drawings, using advanced CAD technology
  • realisation of detailed structural calculations and precise designs
  • selection and calibration of pumping systems and motors according to specific customer requirements
  • supply of instrumentation, electrical plant components, and control systems
  • mechanical and electrical assembly
  • in-house commissioning tests to ensure optimal performance and reliability

In-house production of skid-mounted package plants

Every system offered is entirely designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled within our own facilities. Before delivery to the field, each component is subjected to rigorous testing and trials to ensure reliable performance. Once delivered, they are ready for installation, commissioning and start-up.

In addition, M2E customises its solutions to meet customers' needs. We can provide full support for all phases of a project or we can focus only on those stages deemed necessary, depending on the specific requirements.

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Application fields of our services

M2E Automation positions itself as a strategic partner of leading international companies to design and implement systems for different areas, including textile and glass fiber production, chemical plants, automated storage systems, household appliances and general manufacturing.

Textile and glass fibers

Plant engineering

Automatic storage systems

Household appliances

Manufacturing sector