Automation Services

The global partner for industrial automation projects

The automation services offered by M2E Automation support companies in implementing automation process control and optimising the entire production cycle. We are able to accompany a project from the first stages of the feasibility study to the start-up phase, sharing every step with our customers.

M2E Automation finds its strength in its collaboration with a global network of partner companies, which allows it to exploit synergies at various levels. This allows us to tailor the delivery of our services to local and global needs, improving response time efficiency and reducing overall investment costs.

Why M2E Automation services

Service organisation

Our M2E Automation light and dynamic structure allows us to deal with both small and large problems with maximum flexibility. We consider all our customers' needs to be important and deserving of the utmost attention, without assuming that we can set priorities.

Full service and integration capacity

Our M2E Automation team is able to manage every aspect of the project, offering a complete turnkey service. When necessary, it is able to integrate innovative solutions into existing realities, always achieving maximum results.

Guarantee of the final result

Our experience and constant technological updating enable the right solution and the appropriate approach to be selected.

Respect for the investment

A deep understanding of the problems allows the M2E Automation team to accurately assess costs and implementation times. Compliance with these parameters guarantees project success and adds value to the customer partnership.