Industrial automation design

Consulting for implementation and control of automation processes

M2E Automation specialises in the design of industrial automation, offering complete support to companies for the implementation and control of automation processes and covering the entire production cycle, from feasibility studies to start-up projects. Experience and continuous technological updates allow M2E Automation to accurately select the optimal solution and the most suitable methodological approach. We believe that only through constant research and the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies is it possible to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions, in full respect of people and the environment.

Industrial automation consulting and design: M2E Automation customised proposals

M2E Automation uses the most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technologies, coupled with modern software tools for structural calculations, to develop its designs and implement supervision systems for industrial plants.

Depending on project size and specific requirements, we offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Functional and computer simulations
  • System engineering
  • Layout definition
  • Functional analysis and specification development
  • System, mechanical, electrical and software design

We also provide staff leasing services for highly qualified professionals for industrial automation design to be placed with customers to offer support at different stages of a project or to meet specific needs such as training, production start-up and more.

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Design of automation systems for the manufacturing sector

We carry out inspections at our customers' production facilities in different manufacturing sectors. These visits are aimed at sharing ideas on the possible transformation of existing manual processes into fully automated ones. In addition, we actively participate in solution design and basic engineering activities, including providing an assessment and estimate of the necessary budget.

We are also available to conduct preliminary design activities, in order to define the scope of the project in terms of feasibility with respect to the investment cost and expected objectives. In addition to significant labour savings, improving the automation level of a plant offers significant advantages in terms of production quality and company value.

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Application fields of our services

M2E Automation positions itself as a strategic partner of leading international companies to design and implement systems for different areas, including textile and glass fiber production, chemical plants, automated storage systems, household appliances and general manufacturing.

Textile and glass fibers

Plant engineering

Automatic storage systems

Household appliances

Manufacturing sector