Global support for the implementation of automation systems

A global network of reliable partners

At M2E Automation, we have revolutionised the traditional customer-supplier procurement model, embracing instead a horizontal approach based on partnership. This allows us to cover a wide range of countries without altering existing relationships.

Our partner network extends globally, with key points in Mexico, Turkey and China. It is important to emphasise that within this network, each company maintains its independence. A new entity is not created; rather, the common goal is cooperation between the existing entities in order to independently improve the services offered by each of them.

A global approach for optimal solutions

Our global operational support approach is based on a single, global vision, backed by the power of a network of reliable joint venture partners. These partners work together to find the perfect solution for each individual project, regardless of its specific market.

The complementary skills and specificities of our partner companies create a combined result that is more than the sum of its parts. This approach enables our customers to reduce costs and lead times, while having greater flexibility and faster response times.

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Global operations and local support for automated industrial plants

The partnerships formed aim to ensure an authentic and responsive presence on the ground, responding promptly to our customers' needs and supporting investments aligned to the objectives and demands of local markets.

Our operations are based on:

  • Local supply modulation: we optimise the supply of our installations by integrating local components, reducing costs and delivery times
  • Local installation: teams of local technicians manage the entire installation process, from setting up the site to delivering the equipment for testing. This includes the management of the receipt and sorting of materials, mapping of the installation area and verification of flatness, mechanical assembly, electrical wiring of machines and connection of switchboards.
  • Start-up support: in cooperation with our partners, we coordinate the installation up to the commissioning phase, and provide support staff if necessary.
  • Local software support: we offer software support directly on site, guaranteeing a fast and personalised service.
  • Equipment and lifting support: we provide on-site support for equipment and lifting gear, including light and heavy equipment, and supply additional materials, if needed, during the commissioning phase through collaboration with local workshops.
  • Local after-sales support: we have the capacity to organise local teams to provide after-sales support, ensuring continuous and timely service.
  • Global business triangulations: we use our network to facilitate operations and partnerships on an international scale.

Application fields of our services

M2E Automation positions itself as a strategic partner of leading international companies to design and implement systems for different areas, including textile and glass fiber production, chemical plants, automated storage systems, household appliances and general manufacturing.

Textile and glass fibers

Plant engineering

Automatic storage systems

Household appliances

Manufacturing sector