Industrial automation company

M2E Automation | Strategic partner for the industrial sector

M2E Automation, part of the M2E group, was founded with a double objective: on one hand to extend the group's offer in the field of process automation, and on the other hand to establish itself as an independent company capable of providing advanced solutions in industrial automation for the manufacturing sector.

M2E Group operates both nationally and internationally, providing engineering services of different levels, from home office to field construction, in several industrial sectors including petrochemical, mining, energy, renewable energy and waste treatment. On top of these areas the manufacturing sector, for which M2E Automation offers technical solutions for special automated systems with high technological content.

High technology for customised results

Thanks to years of experience in the industrial sector, M2E Automation is an industrial automation company capable of designing and building complex mechanical, electrical and software systems. These systems, characterised by a high technological content, meet strict quality and safety standards.

Our operational flexibility, our clear design and development methodology allow us to address a wide range of discrete production processes and systems, with a constant focus on customising solutions to meet our customers' specific needs. M2E Automation offers complete support for automation process control and the entire production cycle, from the feasibility studies to start-up projects.

Industrial automation solutions for different sectors

M2E Automation acts as a strategic partner in the industrial sector, working with international industry leaders to design and build systems for a wide range of sectors: textile and glass fibre production plants, chemical plants, automated storage systems, household appliances and the manufacturing sector in general.

M2E Automation | We face every challenge


Our belief is that there are no impossible challenges for M2E Automation; we firmly believe in our ability to design any rational solution. Our passion for automation is revealed in the development of special projects and the constant search for innovation.


M2E Automation daily goal is to establish and maintain an excellent level of service. We believe that the key to success lies in the constant pursuit of excellence and the ability to exceed our customers' expectations through impeccable and highly professional service.

Our strengths

Continuous implementation of quality

Development of relationships based on mutual trust and establishment of a solid reputation with customers and suppliers

Commitment to developing daily relationships with our employees and collaborators to create a positive working environment

Attention to the health and safety of our work team

Attention to the environment and sustainability

Compliance with national and international laws and respect for the different cultures of each country.